TESC Proposes Exclusive Representation to AIAA


TESC has proposed exclusive partnership with the American International Accreditation Associations for Schools and Colleges (AIAA). This partnership will endeavor great expectations for education in the Middle East and Far East markets.

There are many prospects for AIAASC in this regard to accredit private schools and public and private colleges in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, and the Far East with Malaysia as a regional office. It is noteworthy that KSA government and Ministry of Education leaders are interested to see private national schools endeavor the accreditation process in an attempt to gain licenses for international programs aside from their national curricula. They would express their wishes to see national private schools stand to international schools and colleges enrolling foreign passport holder students and engaged in accreditation. In order to be successful, accreditation commissions need to maintain high standards for schools and colleges. There are thousands of KSA national schools trying to develop international programs for their native students, where the Saudi MOE has necessitated broader engagement in quality assurance, school improvement, and accreditation for them to gain the license.

The American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAA) is a school accreditation arm of American Educational Consulting Associates, Ltd. (AEC). AIAA is serving several countries outside the US to promote school improvement.

AIAASC is a Non-for Profit organization located in the State of New York and is expanding its services to work with several countries outside the United States. AIAA is now operating the MENA region to help in schools' development and improvements.

The AIAA Commission of Schools provide school improvement and accreditation services to a full range of educational institutions through self-study protocols and the accreditation of quality programs.



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