Phase 1: Planning and Development

TESC endeavors to discover, understand the project purpose and goals, anticipate student population, local factors for student enrollment, and more—to create a customized plan for starting and managing a high-quality school, based on educational best and unique practices. We focus on K-12 schools with English as the primary language of instruction, but we have effectively incorporated national languages, mother tongue, and an array of cultures to make a school unique and important to its community.

Whether you are considering an international boarding school or an international day school, we keep student-centered learning at the core. During this project phase, we assign a project manager to regard your feasibility study results, funding plan, expected financial outcomes, stakeholder needs, site visits, education plan, and other considerations, which help him create an action plan.


Phase 2: School Establishment


TESC thoughtfully addresses major action steps in preparing to open an international school and crystallizes key decision points, potential pitfalls and recommendations to keep your project on time and on budget. It begins with site evaluation and campus planning. From there, we review architectural plans to align with international-style education and modern-day learning environments.  The process also includes guiding governance structure, school policies, procedures, and other important tasks. With experience in US-based Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and other international curricula, TESC team will help you create a customized teaching and learning plan that aligns with accreditation requirements.

Phase 3: School Management and Accreditation


Once the school opens, we set plans so that it matures and grows through interconnected set of activities and oversight. TESC will support school with leadership and supervision, accounting and financial activities, recruitment and professional development, procurement, child protection policies, operations management, accreditation, and quality assurance, etc. Your school will have access to experienced network of experts who will immediately guide school team through any situation. TESC protocols and best practices set the pace for continuous improvement to help school maintain accreditation and remain on top.

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