This initiative is a Joint Venture between TESC and a technical robotics manufacturer to produce robotics educational framework in the form of regular curricular activities accompanying Math, Science, Engineering, and IT in which TESC takes over the educational side and technical partner carries out the robotic technology concerned.

Product Description

For every grade, every student will receive a robotics kit well developed to a certain level according to this grade’s knowledge range. Students will be required to practice and activity on robotics applying theories and concepts they study in Math, Science, and IT every week. Therefore, students will manage to develop their “Robotics Kits” on weekly basis according to their syllabi. By the end of the year, the product will be completely developed as a robot programmed to perform certain designated tasks. Final products will vary a bit from one grade to another, but the kits students receive at the beginning of the school year vary too much as they will be proportional with students’’ knowledge and mental age. Students receive such robotics kits and can bring them home or get them to the school according to the school’s weekly plan.

Curricular Robotics educational framework

TESC Work on the Initiative

TPLA/TESC has a centralized educational framework that governs al schools owned or managed by our Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, which is the schools management center that does the educational research and has all educational resources for schools accordingly. In the Center of Excellence, TESC academic consultants have developed curricula guides for all subjects. Such curricula guides include alignment between learning standards and learning content students study at schools. It also includes specifications of the practices and activities that students do every week for every subject, bringing such studies to life and having fun as they experience the learning process. Relevant curricular activities are precisely explained and designed according to students’ knowledge range and mental capabilities.


TESC will endeavor to establish activities framework of such relevant subjects to be feasibly applied in robotics. TESC will designate the activities required in relevant subjects, relate them to learning standards and benchmarks, and describe the activities’ requirements and targets, and present educational advice on difficulty level according to students’ mental age and capabilities.

Initiative’s Perspective and Potentials

The activities framework that TESC will produce will develop the project to be a curricular tool, in contradiction to the extracurricular concept in which all robotics projects are being introduced to schools. Accordingly, robotics will be accompanying tool of relevant subjects. Moreover, students will be interested to have a private kit at home to practice the concepts, and bring to school to submit assignments and review developments with teachers. Instead of equipping a school with a robotics lab, every student will take a kit to work on all year long, with an objective of ending up with a complete project. This will create “Project Based Learning” concepts and turns education into fun.

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