The concept of quality in the educational field:

The global interest in the education quality grown up at since the eighties.

Evidences indicates to this interest will increase in the near and distant future, and often revolves around the attempt to answer two main questions:

  • What is the quality of education?
  • Who is the beneficiary of education?

Answers would definitely relate to the principles of total quality management in the educational field:

  • Achieving the satisfactory of the beneficiary
  • Performing self-evaluation reaching the performance improvement
  • Adopting styles of the team work and forming work groups
  • Collecting the statistical data and good using them continually
  • Delegating authorities and working in cooperation
  • Finding evidence helping the unify and the change
  • Anchoring system of ongoing process
  • Effective education leadership

These principles do not differ more in the education field from the industrial, commercial and so on, but they require here applications coping up with the educational environment including learners, instructors and administration in addition to the resources it has and challenges it encounters.



TPLA/TESC has a huge network of experienced specialists in the field of academic accreditation and quality to provide services and consultancy relating to quality management and compliance with standards and the challenges of improvement and professional development and to provide unique solutions to administrative, professional and educational management problems. It also provides strategies designed especially for meeting the quality standers after studying these needs, the available resources and developing the strategic plans to deal with the accreditation standards and the approved organization’s protocol. It also trains the employees and the instructors to be able to deal with the criteria and standards in their normal work circumstances reaching the fully organizational and methodological work in compliance with the world accreditation and the international quality.

The experts of the company participated in preparing and fitting many schools to satisfy the world accreditation related to American prestigious organization.

The traditional concept of the education quality has related to the examination and analysis operations to focus only on the final exams without considering the life, behavioral, logical and cognitive skills. Thus, this traditional concept of the education quality has moved to the modern concept for assuring the education quality that is based on the necessity of selecting a systematic model for performance and to set systems for managing the educational corporations. We can summarize our goals that relate to the quality in number of basic points as follows:

  • Creating the quality culture in everything that relates to the educational corporation.
  • Applying the philosophy of the comprehensive quality.
  • Removing the obstacles and helping the students to success.
  • The leadership in education.
  • Implanting the active values in the educational system such as the commitment, responsibility and removing the fear.
  • Life-long learning
  • Reducing the need for inspection.
  • Improving the educational processes in the way that achieves the productivity and reduce the costs.


Taleem Educational Services and Consultant

The idea of “the academic accreditation” has related to the “quality management principals” whose inputs and outputs seem overlapped. It also connects with other conceptions that seem in parallel with it such ads approving the certificates or the licenses.

The academic accreditation is an institutional scientific activity directed towards promoting and developing the level of educational corporations and the study programs. It also an effective tool for assuring the quality of the educational process and the continuity of developing it.

These councils and corporations evaluate the type of education in the educational corporations in order to achieve three goals:

  • Encouraging the improvement and development.
  • Providing an active information for the people regarding the type of education based on the purposes and goals as defined by each corporation.
  • Ensuring to get a valuable outcome for the public fund, which is invested, in the education.
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