TESC undertakes the responsibility of developing the curriculums in all stages. Taleem/TESC develops the curriculums considering worldwide standards of quality for all levels.

Taleem/TESC Curriculum Development Standards:


  • Is appropriate for students according to accredited standards
  • Takes knowledge out of the school limited range
  • Activates the physical and mental experiences
  • Is practical and factual
  • Uses available utilities inside or outside the school to meet the learners' expectations.
  • Includes optimal knowledge content
  • Allows students to develop their thinking skills and their mental power.
  • Motivate students' belonging to the human groups.
  • Support students to know new experiences
  • Supports students to recognize the tolerance and variability
  • Motivate the students to go on learning
  • Allow students to meet their needs.


The transitional curriculums


During the last years, there has been a need for innovating and developing transitional curriculums that aim to help students who desire to move from a national education system to an international educational system. This cannot be achieved except through bridging the gap between the levels of students in both systems through "the transitional curriculums".  During designing these transitional curriculums, Taleem/TESC has considered world standards in curriculum development and innovated some new standards that were added to the world educational thought henceforth.


Through the "Transitional Curriculums", students can achieve their dream of the smooth move from the local/national systems to the international education systems.


Social Studies Textbooks



As we started venturing into the international schools market 15 years ago, there were no standardized Social Studies series for school students. Rather they had to study whatever relevant textbooks approved by the Educational System creators. However, this caused great alienation to students from their original culture and homes in the Middle East. TESC took the lead to author a textbook series for school students regarding Social Studies. TESC later entered into a joint venture with Pearson Education to publish the books and were first distributed for the Saudi market with a sales breakthrough from first year.


The books embrace six major strands, detailed in almost 5000 learning standards all through from Grade 1 to Grade 9. The Strands included:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Government
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies Skills


TESC is developing the initiative for Malaysia and the Far East countries with a similar series called "Regions" to bridge the gab between international students and Malaysia, and their homelands.


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