TESC established Anfal International School in 208 in Sheraz, Kuala Lummpur, Malaysia, deriving derived from a successful string of schools in the Sultanate of Oman under the name of Smart Student Schools and we are transferring this successful experience to Malaysia.

Smart Student Schools in Oman has established 23 branches of 7500 students under the management and supervision of 1100 teaching and administrative staff.


Anfal International School intends to build a generation equipped with extensive and practical knowledge, ethical leadership, pioneering, and mastery of skills.

Anfal is dedicated to providing a highest quality educational programme with the foundations of morals, self-worth, and quality performance among students’ productive and responsible participation at global level.

We indiscriminatingly seek to foster acquisition of the Islamic values and heritage with an ultimate goal of attaining the mercy and blessings of Allah Al Mighty in this world and the other world.

Anfal aspires to provide a unique combination of a comprehensive quality of Islamic education and teachings to all students, irrespective of nationalities. This will be achieved in a secure, caring, and disciplined environment by means of a challenging, balanced academic, and educational curriculum that is delivered by a dedicated and qualified teaching body.

Anfal is determined to prepare our students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Artificial Intelligence labs that will be provided by the school, such as Robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printers, an educational cinema, drones and other technological skills.


To foster a positive learning environment where students are nurtured and provided with intelligent, spiritual, emotional, social and physically balanced education through state-of-the-art approach to education.


To become a leading international center of educational excellence which seeks to build balanced, virtuous, and creative future leaders.


ALLAH has given the primary responsibility for teaching and training of young people to parents. The rationale for the existence of our School is to assist parents as an extension of the Muslim home. In providing an education that is thoroughly and distinctively Islamic based. It is our goal through teaching and training to prepare young people to function as individuals who can reason and relate all issues of life to the foundation of the Islamic worldview.

AIS strive to communicate this belief to the public, parents and community and strives to involve students actively in their educational process, seeking sustenance from Allah, that only the All Mighty with His Grace, can make this happen.

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